Abaid Ur Rahman Zafar

How I joined CDRS & Todd:

I met Todd 17 Oct 2005 when he was running Operation Heartbeat . So I joined his team and came to know of his capacity of doing so much for humanity as an individual. I was inspired by his work, dedication and the compassion he always had for helping others. His 24 hours a day running around and doing whatever he could do to collect help and aid for disaster victims was a source of energy and a great example for me to follow. It was easy for me to make a decision for my life to do good for humanity and with time, it is now a lifetime commitment for me.

My experiences with CDRS:

1.  I joined CDRS as a Operations Manager

2.  Mission Team Leader in Charasdda, Sukkur (During flood disaster) and Swat (During IDP crisis)

3.  Preparing patient and activity reports for all of our health facilities and missions

4.  Managing the office efficiently (In Chikar, and now in Islamabad and All CDRS Projects)

5.  Working with volunteers and teams to provide logistics support 

6.  Working as assessment and monitoring assistant to make sure staff and partners are doing their work honestly and properly from an administrative eye.

7.  Managing the deployment and needs of our volunteers

8. Purchasing and delivering medicines, equipment, supplies, food and other items for our missions

9.  Working closely with partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders of CDRS.

10. Working with the chief executive and other members of the leadership team to set the organization's strategic goals.

11. Working in leadership and management capacities for maintaining the sustainability of the organization.

12. Proposing, planning and executing new and old projects and making sure of their smooth functioning

Our Team

Mohammed Khan

Friends of CDRS

Dr. Khalil A. Khan

Country Director
Fundraising and Sustainability

Abaid Ur Rahman Zafar

Director of

Salman Rafique

Director of
Media & Communications

Ayaz Ali

Chief Financial Officer

Ahssan Iqbal

Finance Officer

Asad Iftikhar

Chief Engineer
H20 Clean Drinking Water Project

Dr. Quratulain Shafqat

Veterinarian and Public Awareness Coordinator

Ahtisham Haider

Media Production

Muhammad Yaseen

Monitoring & Evaluation

Dr. Hafiz Mian M. Awan

Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Muneeb Hussain