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A major crisis facing Pakistan is the unavailability of water in many areas across the country. CDRS has more than 550 projects, from hand pumps, to deeper wells with electric or solar-powered pumps, to water storage tanks, seep wells, gravity flow systems, rainwater collection devices, filtration systems, reverse osmosis filtration plants, and refurbishment of neglected, broken-down wells. These life-giving projects provide clean drinking water for thousands of people and livestock in every region of Pakistan. Help CDRS bring more clean drinking water to those who need it most. (See our Menu at the Donate Page for our water projects and prices)

CDRS H2O CLEAN DRINKING WATER PROJECT CDRS Youth and FKFP (Free Kissan Free Pakistan) joined hands in 2017 for a tremendous project to provide clean and safe drinking water to the inhabitants of remote desert areas in Baluchistan and Thar. In these impoverished regions, water has long been scarce. With little rainfall, underground aquifers are the main water source for communities, agriculture, and livestock. This project has provided clean water to people who need it the most.

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