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zunera zulfiqar ambassador of cdrs

Zunera Zulfiqar

“I'm Zunera Zulfiqar. I am a dedicated ambassador for women and children. I help CDRS to network and connect bridges to build hope and opportunities for the underserved. Standing up for what I believe in has always been my main principle in life. Speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves has been my passion. It is truly an honor to be a part of an organization which holds itself to a true path of integrity and service. CDRS not only helps the less fortunate and neglected human beings, CDRS is a means for them to have a better tomorrow. I hold CDRS dear to my heart as I have witnessed over the years the amazing work they do. For so many, CDRS and their projects have been a light in time of darkness, hope in times of despair, and a hand to hold onto leading to a brighter future."
- Zunera Zulfiqar, CDRS Ambassador for Widows & Orphans

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