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Waves After Waves Of Covid-19

have hit the people hard, particularly the working class. Most of them have been pushed below the poverty line to an alarming point, without any food security.

CDRS started its relief mission by providing monthly food packs to the working class, daily wagers, and poor communities. We also lauched our PPE distribution mission. The third component focused on feeding stray animals.

Parts of Sindh were hit with two catastrophes one after another. In addition to the ongoing pandemic, Sindh province received historic amounts of rain.

PMD declared Karachi, Hyder- abad and Mirpur Khas amongst others as 'calamity-affected areas'. Over 200,000 homes were destroyed and hundreds of lives lost.CDRS, being a leader in disaster response mis- sions, responded. We delivered cooked food, clean drinking water, tents and mosquito nets to at least 5,081 beneficiaries.

COVID 19 Mission

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