Disaster Relief Mission

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Pakistan Has Been Devastated By Floods

In response to the unprecedented floods, that have severely impacted more than 30 million people across Pakistan, CDRS disaster response teams have started their relief mission in 26 districts across all 4 provinces of the country.

CDRS has been working with APPNA since mid-July delivering family food packs, bottled water, and medicines in several remote areas of Balochistan, Chitral, and Taunsa Sharif in DG Khan.

We are now working in Sindh as well and will be operating in multiple locations with our core teams, CDRS Youth volunteers, and several partners and donor organizations.

We currently have 8 teams working in every flood affected region of Pakistan and are establishing or supporting community kitchens and medical camps along with distributing food packs, cooked food, bottled water, baby products, hygiene products, clothing and tents.

Disaster Relief Mission

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